Making KanCare Work for Kansas Consumers

As the Kansas Legislature considers Governor Brownback’s proposed reform of the Medicaid system, KanCare, there will be numerous opportunities to advocate on behalf of health consumers in the state.  The proposal would move nearly the entire Medicaid population into a managed care system, giving them the choice of three managed care organizations.  To help you make your voices heard, we have assembled this KanCare Consumer Action Toolkit, and hope that it will be useful in your efforts to ensure that any changes to Medicaid in our state will work for Kansas consumers.

Our position on KanCare is that it should be guided by the principles of accountability and transparency.  We believe those principles are achieved through a system implemented in an informed way, that has effective legislative oversight, and that provides timely data and analysis.  In our efforts to advocate for those principles, we have developed an “Advocacy 101” outline, to assist new advocates with reaching out to legislators.  We have also developed a sample letter to the editor that you can use to help you inform your local newspaper’s readers about the reform.

The Toolkit

KDHE’s information on KanCare

KHCC’s Position Summary

Advocacy 101

Letter to the Editor Template

CMS §1115 Waiver Process