KHCC testifies in support of a consumer-friendly health insurance exchange

KHCC says that this new health insurance exchange can be part of the solution to improving access to understandable, affordable coverage in Kansas, as long as we develop and implement it in keeping with the interests of individual consumers and small employers. Read the testimony here.

KHCC urges committee to support a state-based exchange

In testimony before the Special Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance on October 24, 2011, KHCC urges committee members to work together on a state-based health insurance marketplace, and says that without further action, the federally facilitated exchange will be Kansas’s only option. Read the full testimony here.

KHCC supports adult dental benefits for Medicaid

KHCC says exploring adult dental benefits for Medicaid – and then making sure we have providers who will accept that coverage – could help improve dental care access for more Kansans. Read KHCC’s written testimony to the Legislative Budget Committee. Kansas Health Institute published a story about the committee discussion. Read it here.

KHCC Testimony in Opposition to SCR 1604 and HCR 5007

KHCC states in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee that the concurrent resolutions being debated in the Kansas Legislature could further complicate an already complicated and confusing political discourse taking place across the country related to the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Read the full testimony here.

KHCC Testimony in Opposition to HB 2340

KHCC opposes HB 2340, saying the Kansas Clean Indoor Air Act should remain intact without amendments. Read KHCC’s written testimony.

Kansas Dental Project Testimony in Support of HB 2280

The Kansas Dental Project (of which KHCC is a member) says its goal is to create a sustainable solution to the dental workforce shortage in Kansas, thereby creating greater access, especially in the rural and underserved areas of the state. Read the full statement provided by the Kansas Dental Project.

KHCC Testimony in Opposition to SB 106

KHCC opposes Senate Bill 106 because the changes the bill proposes to the consumer protection act could strip health consumers in Kansas of vital protections against deceptive or unfair medical debt collection practices. Read KHCC’s full statement.

KHCC Statement in Opposition to HCR5007

HCR5007 would bring a constitutional amendment before Kansas voters that will have no bearing should the U.S. Supreme Court rule health reform’s individual mandate is constitutional. Read the full statement here.