Kansas Governor’s Medicaid plan sparks hope, uncertainty

KHCC expresses concern that the Governor’s proposal to remake Medicaid in Kansas doesn’t include sufficient details about how health outcomes will be evaluated and asks whether the administration has an alternative if the KanCare proposal experiences challenges. Read the Associated Press article here. This article ran in numerous newspapers across Kansas and the United States.

KHCC says KanCare proposal will be huge change for Kansas

KHCC expresses concern that the Governor’s proposal to remake Medicaid in Kansas will be a significant change for Kansas, but that there has thus far been inadequate details about how consumer health outcomes will be evaluated. Read the Kansas Reporter article here.

KHCC responds to announcement of Medicaid restructuring

KHCC expresses cautious optimism for Governor Brownback’s proposal to restructure Medicaid in Kansas. Read the Kaiser Health News article here.

KHCC joins other advocates in releasing new poverty data

KHCC joined three partner advocacy organizations at a press conference to release new poverty data. KHCC’s Josh Dieker spoke about the connection between poverty and health care. KHI covered the press conference.

Step backward for Kansas

The Garden City Telegram editorializes that the decision to turn down the exchange innovator grant was a step backward for Kansas. Read the editorial or click here to view the editorial from the GC Telegram website.

Decision to return innovator grant is wrong choice for Kansas

KHCC opposes the Governor’s decision to return the early innovator grant. Read the Hutchinson News article here or click here to view the article through the newspaper’s website.

Kansas must stay focused on health reform implementation

KHCC’s executive director expresses concern that Kansas could be poorly prepared to implement health reform down the road. Read the article here or visit the KHI website.

Kansas decision came as a surprise, but work must continue

PoliticoPro quotes KHCC regarding the Governor’s decision to turn down the early innovator grant: ““Now more than ever, our job will be to work even harder with the governor’s office, the Legislature and the insurance commissioner to get an exchange that is right for Kansas.” Read the full article.

KHCC Speaks in Support of Caps on Out-of-pocket Expenses

The Affordable Care Act includes a little known provision that will cap out-of-pocket expenses for individuals and families, beginning in 2014. KHCC spoke with KHI about a Families USA report, which highlights this important provision and its impact for Kansas families. Read the KHI story.