KHCC Testimony to Support HB 2288

KHCC says that allowing consumers to receive cost estimates for health care provides an important tool in planning for health care expenses and prioritizing necessary care – March 9, 2010.

KHCC Testimony to Support SB 516

KHCC believes that an increase in the state tobacco tax is a preventive measure that will deter some Kansans from beginning a habit that disproportionately impacts the poor.

KHCC Opposition to Sub for SB 374

KHCC urges opposition to Sub for SB 374 because it goes too far. Sub for SB 374 protects health care providers that intentionally hurt patients by keeping evidence of what the provider said or did from being shown to a jury.

KHCC Testimony to Support HB 2563

KHCC says that medical debt should be treated differently than other kinds of debt.

KHCC Testimony to Support SB 525

KHCC testifies that SB 525 will bring pricing parity for Kansans who need it the most.

KHCC Testimony to Oppose HB 2642

KHCC Executive Director says HB 2642 would turn the clock back on the great strides that our local communities have made in facing and solving the issue of secondhand smoke exposure.

KHCC Testimony to Oppose SB 167

KHCC opposes SB 167 because raising the automatic hospital lien would create a perfect storm, placing consumers in even greater risk for incurring medical debt.