KanCare Will Begin January 1st, 2013

The recent announcement by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the the Governor’s office that KanCare, the proposed overhaul to the Kansas Medicaid system, would go forward as planned was covered on KPR this morning.  Several area health advocates were asked to weigh in, including our own Anna Lambertson.  You can listen to the story here.

Governor Announces KanCare Approval by Feds

On Friday, December 7, 2012, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Governor’s office announced that KanCare, the proposed Kansas managed care Medicaid overhaul, would go forward as planned for a January 1, 2013 start-date.  Anna Lambertson, KHCC’s Executive Director, was asked to comment in this piece from the Kansas Health Institute news service.

Rally Elicits Media Attention

On Friday, November 9th, KHCC hosted a rally on the steps of the Kansas Statehouse, to show the governor and the legislature how important Medicaid Expansion is to the people of Kansas, and how crucial it is that the program be me made available to the 130,000 Kansans who have few other options.  The rally brought together individuals and organizations with diverse backgrounds and varying missions organized under one goal; the expansion of access to Medicaid in Kansas.  Prior to the rally, we received coverage from KPR, which you can read here, or listen to here.  Additionally, the Kansas Health Institute wrote a story about the upcoming event.

Following the rally, Topeka television stations KSNT and WIBW both covered the event in their evening news programs.  Additionally, the Lawrence Journal-World and the Associated Press printed stories about the event.  The AP story ran in several papers around the state.  Additionally, the Kansas Health Institute also ran a follow-up story following the rally.

Working for Small Biz May be Hazardous to Your Health

A new report from a healthcare think tank says workers at small firms are far more likely to lack health insurance — and miss out on needed health care — than their peers at bigger companies. KHCC’s Executive Director, Anna Lambertson, discusses the issue with Kansas Public Radio’s Bryan Thompson here.

Debate Begins on Kansas Medicaid Expansion

The Kansas Health Institute ran an article today regarding Medicaid expansion in Kansas, and referencing our upcoming rally at the statehouse.  ”We also want to raise awareness of how extending Medicaid would make a real difference in the lives of Kansans who, right now, cannot access the coverage they need,” KHCC Executive Director Anna Lambertson said. “People who lack health insurance are less likely to see a doctor and more likely to forego the medical care they, and then their conditions become much more expensive to treat. The lack of health insurance is among the top factors for filing bankruptcy in this country.”  Full text of the article can be found here. (pdf)

New Coverage Rules Expected to Have Big Impact in Kansas

KHCC Executive Director Anna Lambertson discussed the ACA’s women’s’ preventative services benefit, which went into effect August 1, 2012.

“This is an historic moment for Kansas women and their families,” Anna said. “Eliminating expensive copays and other outofpocket costs will make it easier for women to get the services they need to stay healthy.” Read the full article here.

627,000 Kansans to Benefit From Pre-Existing Condition Protections Under ACA

A new report from Families USA estimates that the pre-existing condition protections in the Affordable Care Act will benefit as many as 627,000 Kansans.  KHCC Executive Director Anna Lamberston said, “The new data from Families USA shines a spotlight on how the ACA is helping Kansans, more than one in four Kansans can now breathe a sigh of relief because they will no longer be denied coverage based on an existing health issue.”  You can find the full story here.

KanCare is looking like another DMV disaster-to-be

KC Star columnist Steve Rose wrote this piece in the joco913 blog.  In it he quotes KHCC Executive Director Anna Lambertson about the lack of legislative oversight of the KanCare Medicaid overhaul. (pdf)

Kansas leaders react to health care decision

Kansas Health Institute’s coverage of the Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act began with a statement from KHCC’s executive director Anna Lamberston, as well as her picture, taken on the steps of the Supreme Court on the morning the decision was released. (pdf)

Local groups react to ruling on health care

The Capital-Journal‘s coverage of the Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act included  a quote from KHCC’s Anna Lambertson, indicating that she was thrilled with the decision. (pdf)

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